Providing Texas LTC Classes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Conveniently located in Corinth in Denton County Texas

JL's Guns & Supplies is happy to act as a Transfer dealer for your firearm purchases that need to be shipped into the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.

The Transfer Fee is $20 per firearm.

Please contact JL's Guns & Supplies at or 214-850-1145 to initiate the process and we will walk you through it.

Items you will need to provide to us:

  1. To Receive a Firearm we need:
    1. Name of the person or business you purchased the firearm from.
    2. Phone number of the buyer and seller and/or
    3. Email address of the buyer and seller.
    4. Type of firearm purchased.
    5. JL's Guns & Supplies will contact the seller and determine the method they need to receive a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License).  We will ship a copy to them.  When the seller has received our FFL and your payment (taken care of by you), then they will ship the firearm(s) to JL's Guns & Supplies.  After receipt and logging in of the firearm(s), we will contact you and arrange a time for you to come in and fill out the paperwork.  Once the paperwork is complete, one of two activities will take place.
      1. If you have a Texas LTC (License to Carry or Concealed Handgun License), then you pay me $20 and the firearms are yours.
      2. If you do not have a Texas LTC/CHL, then I conduct a NICS check required by law.  This is a phone call to the FBI NICS center where they take some of the information that you put on the paperwork and run a background check.  Most times this will take less than 5 minutes.  The firearms can not be transferred until the FBI NICS center authorizes us to proceed with the transfer.

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