Providing Texas LTC Classes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Conveniently located in Corinth in Denton County Texas

Firearms Training

All firearms training is conducted by an NRA Certified Pistol and Texas DPS trained instructor with Expert marksmanship experience in the USMC.


The Basic Handgun Firearms Safety and Training Class is for those individuals that have never fired or been exposed to firearms.  It is also a nice class to take to ensure that you are confident with the firearm prior to taking the Texas CHL class.  The classroom portion of this course will be given at the scheduled time and place.  The range portion will take place immediately following the class.  If you have scheduled an individual course, then the range time can be scheduled at a different time agreed to with the instructor.  The classroom is not at the range.  You will need transportation to and from.

The course consists of:

  1. Classroom for 1 to 2 hours. 
    • During this time we will discuss
      1. Firearm safety
      2. Proper technique for handling a firearm
      3. Proper grip
      4. Proper sight alignment
      5. Proper technique for shooting at the range
  2. 1 Range Class period
    • We will quickly review range safety
    • Review proper grip, sight alignment, and shooting techniques
    • Fire with instructor present and offering constructive criticism

Items that each individual must bring to the class:

  1. Eye protection (normal eyeglasses are acceptable if they are shatterproof plastic).
  2. Ear protection (ear muffs are preferred, but plugs will do)
  3. Firearm, 22 semi-auto handgun, is provided for the Basic handgun training class along with ammunition.  You can provide your own firearm and ammunition if you would like the training to be geared toward your own weapon.    
  4. Proper Ammunition for the firearm (Reloads are not acceptable on some ranges.  Ask before you come to the class.)
  5. Closed toe footwear.
  6. Clothing that will not allow hot brass to land on unprotected skin and burn you while holding onto a loaded firearm.  (ie. long sleeves, long pants, closed toe shoes.)
Please contact  JL's Guns & Supplies by email or phone at: or 214-850-1145 to set up a class reservation.  The fee can be paid with Cash, Check, or Credit Card.

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